Insufficient System Resources Exist to Complete the API

This amazes me.

I just upgraded my laptop to 2GB ram. That's not too out of the ordinary, especially for Developers that need extra memory to run Eclipse, MySql, TomCat and other apps on your machine. Or is it?

I regularly use the hibernate function to shutdown my machine. It saves a ton of time rebooting and I get my environment (including the 20 tabs on my Firefox window) open just as I left it. Well, after upgrading my memory to 2GB I started getting this error message whenever I went to hibernate mode:

Insufficient System Resources Exist to Complete the API.

Even worse, I would find the laptop extremely hot after booting up and if I left the machine on for too long, the battery would run out and the machine would do a hard shutdown.

Well, after some searching, I found a Microsoft Technet entry that acknowledged this issue but to get a patch, I had to call Microsoft. Call Microsoft? Gimme a break. XP has been out for how long? And how many users buy their laptops today with 2GB of ram or more?

Well, low and behold, Microsoft launched a hotfix today for this issue that you can download here. I'll make another post in a few days if this patch works or if I hit more snags.

But geez.... August/06 and users can finally run a laptop with 2GB of RAM. Maybe...

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