Bloomberg Buys BusinessWeek - and its Innovative Digital Team

There have been many articles this week on Bloomberg's acquisition of BusinessWeek. Linked below are a couple of my favorite quotes; a small testament to an innovative digital team that has launched a unique social media product Business Exchange and has completed several forward thinking upgrades to

Will BusinessWeek bring social media to Bloomberg?

That's because BusinessWeek, for all of its struggles, arguably embraced social media more than just about any other large magazine.... In my opinion, if Bloomberg is smart it will use the BusinessWeek acquisition as opportunity to learn more about social media.

With BusinessWeek, Bloomberg takes aim at Dow Jones

With some creativity, Bloomberg could do a lot better here with its skeleton web crew. BusinessWeek’s experience dealing with monetizing web presence could be invaluable here. I also like the networking capabilities BW has been developing in its Business Exchange.

BusinessWeek’s Business Exchange Under Scrutiny – Without the Hype

...there is a lot of potential for this service. The idea of bringing together BusinessWeek’s users, readers, writers and editors to “draw on their collective wisdom” is visionary ... I see Business Week’s BX as a true knowledge share base, where business owners from all industries can communicate, share links, opinions and advice. I see this site as a platform for journalists and PRs to communicate in a meaningful climate, generating personal relationships based on reciprocity and respect. If we talk about new media, BX has the potential to “break the traditional mold,” but not by becoming yet another news aggregator. I see the “exchange” here in its “act of giving something in return for something received” definition.

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