If Oracle Buys MySql

There has been a lot of writing and predictions on whether Oracle will buy MySql. Specifically, many users are concerned (or at least the trade magazines what these users to be concerned) that Oracle may cease putting out MySql as an open source product. For example, see Open Source Ripe for the Taking in eweek or Oracle tried to buy open-source MySQL on cnet.com.

So here is my prediction:

For those of you using MySql as an Open Source or low cost database, I don't think you have much to worry about. You only help Oracle's business since MySql is a lower cost database solution compared to Microsoft's SQL-Server. Since you're not going to spend the cash on Oracle licesnses, Oracle isn't missing much of an opportunity by allowing you to use MySql. And if/when you do need support, Oracle will be there to sell you all of their other products!

But I could see them requiring you to register your use of the product. They'll track you in their CRM software and decide when/how to sell you other Oracle packages.

If you're paying MySql AB for support, then Oracle acquiring MySql may be bad news. I can see Oracle raising the price for MySql support so that its equal or only a small discount off an Oracle support contract. Why? Well then enterprise customers would no longer have a low cost option to migrate off Oracle to MySql. Plus, enterprise customers that already pay MySql for support would either have to pay the higher support fee for MySql, or could consider upgrading to Oracle. Either way, Oracle wins.

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