Larger Scale Agile Development

Back in January, we had one team at BusinessWeek practicing agile software development. The team was successful completing iterations, demoing to stakeholders, and releasing product to a growing audience.

We then needed to scale. We added a second team and a third team offshore. We segmented the work so that there was minimal overlap between teams. Things got a little more complicated because we had longer term deadlines and deliverables that needed planning and management. But we managed priority changes and integration issues to get a product out.

I then saw this post Agile Project Management: Lessons Learned at Google that I found on the Agile Software Development topic at Business Exchange that gave me some new ideas on scaling agile. It covers agile release planning, scrum of scrums, and a number of other advanced topics. It's a long video but worth watching if you're a senior technologist managing multiple agile development teams. What surprised me most is that Google practiced these larger scale practices before they establised iterative agile practices. Makes sense for Google given their scale....

Next week, I will be at SIIA's Global Information Industry Summit talking about my experiences moving teams from Waterfall to Agile. I'll share more insights here as I build up the presentation.

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