Agile in 2008 to Twitter, Cloud Computing and Publishing in 2009

Looking back to 2008, I shifted this blog from covering startups and issues for CTOs (re: Startup CTO) and covered a lot about the agile software development life cycle. Having moved from a small company, to a startup, and then to an enterprise, much of what I wrote covered agile in the enterprise. Some titles included big questions enterprises should consider before going agile, ingredients on starting an agile practice, and getting enterprise executives to buy into agile. I also covered some practical matters on when to use (and not use) pair programming, a bit on the Scrum Master role, and on story writing vs requirements docs. I wrote a bit on organizational change, content agility, product planning, and agile load testing. My most popular post was on the Top 5 Attributes of Talented Agile Developers.

In 2009, I will continue writing on agile but will largely focus on roles, responsibilities, and processes on the periphery. This will include more on enterprise issues, product management, QA, and on offshore delivery models.

I will also cover a bit more on social networking, content agility, cloud computing/SAAS, and the publishing industry. In particular, I've become very interested in Twitter (I am @nyike) and how its created a new mechanism to contribute but also a very interesting media to consume. The evolution of hosting models; hosting, shared hosting, dedicated servers, application service providers, SAAS, PAAS, and cloud computing - all options for building and hosting proprietary applications but also options for buying and renting applications. Finally, I do believe it's an interesting time for traditional publishers (newspapers, magazines, television) who probably have one last chance (maybe) to appeal to digital audiences and transform their business models.

So on to 2009....

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