Social, Agile, and Transformation June Update

It's been an interesting couple of months, so I thought I'd update readers of this blog on some exciting news

First, relaunched its home page last week. As I tweeted last week, this project has been another success story on implementing the agile lifecycle in an enterprise. I can't disclose too much of the technology secrets behind this page, but what I can say is that we didn't directly use a CMS to produce the page and I would hardly label our approach "proprietary".

Second, I presented at the Mark Logic user conference last month, "Content, Community, and Agile Transformations at BusinessWeek". You can see the presentation below. Mark Logic also presented BusinessWeek and McGraw-Hill with an innovation award for launching Business Exchange. The photo to the left is me accepting the award.

Finally, it was pretty exciting to see this blog listed on the Top 200 Blogs for Developers (Q2 2009). Thanks Jurgen Appelo.

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