Are You A Wolf CIO?

The Wolf in CIO Clothing
About four months ago, I attended a Gartner dinner and received a copy of The Wolf in CIO's Clothing from author Tina Nunno. I took the quiz right away (won't tell you my scoring, but let's just say I am not a lamb) but it's taken me awhile to finally read the book.

If you're a CIO or aspire to be one, I suggest you download a copy. It's a quick read packed with key insights on managing relationships, negotiating, championing IT, prioritizing, leveraging information, and when necessary engaging in warfare.

I won't give away the details, but will share some of my favorite one-line takeaways. You'll need to read the book to fully understand them.

  • "Happy" is not a business goal. Leaders pursue growth, competitive advantage, mission enhancement and cost management.

  • Don't bring data to a knife fight.

  • Avoid giving your power to others who will not use it wisely.

  • Sometimes your goal is to successfully choose between bad and worse.

  • Take nothing for granted and do your research.

  • Treat information as a weapon and don't load the gun aimed at you.

  • Give them what they really want rather than what they asked for.  

  • Apply precision strikes to prevent smaller problems from becoming larger ones.

  • Wolf CIOs choose to fight the wars no one thought to fight. 

  • Spend too much time on the light side and risk becoming lunch.

Another good read for CIOs and IT leaders is The CIO Paradox.

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