2015 Digital Transformation Formula := Agile + DevOps + Data Science -> Culture Changes

I covered several topics this year that all relate to efforts CIO, IT Leaders, developers, and engineers should consider in transforming "IT" and leading the business through a digital transformation. On the engineering front, transformation requires more collaborative and agile practices, so I completed a number of posts on Agile and introduced several posts on DevOps. I also continued writing on becoming a data driven organization and the impact of big data, data science, and other data practices has on an organization's ability to transform.

If Agile, DevOps and Data are the practices needed for transformation, then culture change needs to be one of the underlying objectives. So this year, I wrote several posts on how the practices can either kickoff or cultivate changes in how people think, behave, and collaborate. One way to do this is to embrace citizen development and self-service BI platforms and practices to better enable business and operating units.

Finally, my posts toward the end of the year homed in on digital transformation practices.

See you in 2016!


  1. Totally agree that culture is critical (probably more important than the technology) but what about measurement? If there is no measurement and feedback (how do you know if you are actually fixing the customer painpoint?


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