Advice from Technology Dads on Celebrating Father's Day

Isaac and Ronan
Happy Father's Day!

I find fellow tech dad's to have an interesting perspective on raising their children. So with that in mind, here's my advice for Techie Dads on this Father's Day.

  1. Drop the Technology - I'll get this post out, then turn the tech off for the day to spend time with the family and kids. 

  2. Teach your Kids to Code - Not today, but make a commitment to find a tool, an app, or a course to get your kids at least familiar if not down right interested in coding. Have a look at, Kodable, Tynker or posts from ForbesMommyPoppins, or PCMag for inspiration.

  3. Start a blog - This is a recommendation I make to all young fathers. Make it private and get a weekly post up on what you've done with your kids and their latest milestones. It will pay dividends 5-10 years out.

  4. Consider becoming an Agile Family - I posted about becoming an agile family with a scrum board. I confess that we're not doing this in my family, but friends of mine who have tried swear by it.

  5. Learn something together - Instead of playing the latest games or watching the newest movie. Try watching a TED talk for kids together. If you're driving today, try one of these NPR Podcasts for Kids.

  6. Reconsider your privacy settings - On Facebook, Instagram and other social sites.

  7. Setup your Phone's Emergency Settings - Here's a good how to post for iPhone and Android.


Here are some new resources -

  • Beginners Coding Guide - A free interactive learning resource for educators. Students are able to generate a personalized certificate of completion upon finishing all the modules!

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