Alexa, Siri, and Cortana Voice Controls Going Mainstream

Star Trek Scotty, A Keyboard, How Quaint
Alexa has over 3000 skills. The iPhone 7 goes wireless, a step Apple is taking to get users to leverage Siri more frequently and easily. Microsoft is broadening Cortana's AI capabilities

We've reached an inflection point; the end of the keyboard, mouse, and touchpad and the start of voice commands as a legitimate controller. When you develop your next application, you are likely implementing mobile first, web second and thinking about a watch experience. Now add voice controls to the mix and someday soon voice inputs will outnumber keyboard inputs.

A couple of weeks ago I saw a developer configuring Alexa to push data into AWS Lambda and store information. Alexa has some limitations in that voice commands needs to be configured up front, but the demo showed that it's relatively straightforward interfacing basic voice commands to applications.    

Reminds me of this classic Star Trek scene. "A keyboard. How quaint" says Scotty

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