My Driving Digital Advice for Chief Information Officers on CXO Talk

If you missed my appearance on CXO Talk on Friday, here is your chance to catch up! Thanks to Michael Kringsman for having me on the show!

We covered a lot of ground in forty five minutes on how the role of the CIO and technology organizations has changed over the last few years and why it will continue to change.

Watch the video here and learn answers to several questions on leading digital transformation.

How should CIO partner with their business colleagues in defining a digital strategy? How to speak the language of the business? How can lowcode and citizen development platforms drive innovation? How should CIO discuss, market, and sell investments in security and governance? How should CIO partner with Chief Digital Officers? How do you find business sponsors that will be early adopters of  digital transformation programs and how do you manage detractors to the agenda? Why should CIO invest in their marketing and communication skills? Why do CIOs have to move smarter and faster?

Special thanks to Michael and CXO Talk. Final bit of advice is to subscribe to the CXO Talk YouTube channel.

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