Practical CIO Advice for Managing Change on CXO Talk [Video]

My second appearance on CXO Talk may be better than my first show! Thanks to Michael Krigsman for having me on again!

Some of what we covered -
  • Technology has a huge impact on how we service customers
  • How are organizations become more competitive with data and analytics
  • Transformation is a "people conversation" first. Rely on people to use their innovation and expertise to collaborate on goals and implementation
  • Agile practices is important in transformation programs because it brings business and IT people together to work collaboratively and reset priorities based on feedback. "Come to the demo and see what we're doing!" Agile is Chapter 2 of Driving Digital because it is the vehicle for instrumenting change.
  • Are you going fast enough? Are you going to beat the disruption curve in your industry? 
  • Are you building technology that is truly sustainable? Are you investing in devops practices?

And some questions I answer
  • Why digital transformation is fundamentally different? 
  • What are the implications of technology being implemented outside of IT?
  • What about shadow IT? What should CIOs do about it? 
  • How should CIO partner with the CFO on transformation programs?
  • What should CIO that reports to a non-tech CFO and views IT as a cost center do about it?

Watch the full video below! -  

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