StarCIO Report: Digital Survey 2019

Several weeks ago, I wrote the article on, 5 outdated technology practices that doom digital transformations where I dated several technology practices and suggested others that were replacing them.

Several weeks later, I opened a poll to selected CIOs, IT leaders, and high potentials to tell me which practices were most outdated in their organizations and what digital practices they were focused on maturing. The results are in and published in the StarCIO Report: Digital Survey 2019.

What's in the StarCIO Digital Survey?

I asked respondents two questions:

  • Which technology evolution is most important for digital organizations? 
  • What Driving Digital practices are you focused on in 2019?

The technology evolutions covered included moving from

  • Bimodal IT -> DevOps
  • Waterfall planning -> Continuous agile planning
  • Cloud lift and shift -> Cloud-native architectures
  • Mobile-first -> API and Microservices
  • Build vs. Buy -> Low-code architectures

And the Driving Digital practices rated were

  • Agile methodologies
  • DevOps practices and culture
  • Analytics, becoming data-driven, and data governance
  • Product management and innovation
  • Platform and microservice architectures
  • Innovating with emerging tech (AI, IoT, or blockchain)
  • Agile portfolio management
The poll was open from August through October 2019. 

Key learning from the StarCIO Digital Survey

Here are a few learnings. Please review the StarCIO Report: Digital Survey 2019 for the full details!

  • Over 1/3 of participants list agile, continuous planning as their top digital practice that they focused on in 2019. Over 1/3 claim they are advancing this practice, but only 3.9% claim expertise.
  • While Bimodal IT is identified as the most dated practice, over 45% of respondents are just getting started with DevOps, or it's not even a 2019 priority.
  • Respondents are more focused on practices like agile, devops, and becoming data-driven over platforms like microservices, low-code architectures, and emerging technology.

So while we may be finishing year four of digital transformation and disruption, many companies still have ways to go to advance practices, platforms, and culture.

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