What is DevOps in 5 Minutes with @NYIke

Agile without DevOps can lead to conflict where agile teams want to deploy frequently but are slowed down by operations that preserve reliability over speed.

DevOps without agile leads to teams focusing on systems, automation, and technology first and often at the detriment of capabilities and features required by customers and end-users.

Transformation-driven organizations need both Agile (yes, a capital A!) and DevOps which is why my first episode of 5 Minutes with @NYIke focused on What is Agile Planning and now the second is on What is DevOps.

What is DevOps?

I define DevOps in my Driving Digital as

DevOps is about the culture, collaborative practices, and automation that aligns Development and Operations teams so that they have a single mindset on improving customer experiences, responding faster to business needs, and ensuring that innovation is balanced with security and operational needs.

Further reading on DevOps and Shift Left QA and Security

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