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I won't say much except that The Future is Faster Than You Think is an excellent "must read" for CIO and digital leaders.

Unlike many futuristic books, the authors write specifically to a ten-year horizon, a perfect timeframe for their thesis. They state quite convincingly that the power of multiple technology convergences will drive stepwise transformations or exponential technologies - and that this will come sooner than we think.

Their first example covers transportation and not just self-driving cars. Transportation, as we know it, will be impacted by everything from uber copters to hyperloops and virtual reality. We may not need to go to the office as much and can be present with virtual reality. And when we do need to get there, we'll probably travel further, in less time, and with platforms people won't own.
They then have convergence examples in shopping, advertising, education, healthcare, and entertainment. The chapter on longevity will really get you thinking.

By focusing on a ten-year horizon, this book successfully steers past the hype on emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoT, and AR/VR. Instead, it shares the stories of entrepreneurs experimenting in these areas and extrapolates where their success will bring civilization.

I listened to this book and highly recommend that option as it includes additional dialog between the authors Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler.

Happy reading and listening!

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