Publications, Speaking, and Awards


•   Top 10 digital transformation influencers that will change your world, Enterprise Management 360
•   10 Digital Transformation Influencers to Follow Today, IDG
•   Top global thought leader in technology, Thinkers 360
•   CIO Playbook: Practical Advice for Managing Change, CXOTalk
•   Deep learning is more accessible to mainstream enterprises, CIO
•   When and how to get started with deep learning in digital transformation programs, CIO
•   DevOps: Implementing your Digital Strategy, Gartner
•   What is CI/CD? Continuous integration and continuous delivery explained, InfoWorld
•   Get started with CI/CD: Automating your application delivery with CI/CD pipelines, InfoWorld
•   Keynote: Driving Digital Transformation with AI Search Experiences, NYC Fusions Day
•   Speaker: Driving the Digital IT Organization with Agile and DevOps Practices, SINC Tola
•   Devops best practices: The 5 methods you should adopt, InfoWorld
•   How to choose the right data-integration tools
•   Defining Digital Transformation — What it Should Mean for Your Organization
•   What Makes Digital Transformation a Strategic Imperative for Organizations, Strategic CIO Journal
•   CIO Value, Advice for Chief Information Officers | CXOTalk
•   5 reasons why technology selections matter in digital transformation programs and tips on evaluating winning platforms,
•   What is agile methodology? Modern software development explained, Infoworld
•   What is devops? Transforming software development, Computerworld
•   What should CIOs leading digital transformation focus on in year two and onward in the journey?,
•   Communicating and marketing a portfolio of initiatives that drive digital transformation,
•   Speaker: Driving Digital: Enabling the Smarter, Faster Data Driven Organization, SINC USA, Southeast IT Leaders Forum 
•   Moderator: Bringing Shadow IT to the Light, SINC USA, Southeast IT Leaders Forum


•   5 things digitally driven CIOs want for the holidays,
•   How to excel in agile software development, InfoWorld
•   What AI can really do for your business (and what it can’t), InfoWorld
•   Keynote: Driving Digital - Using Data to Power Emerging Technologies, Evanta CDO Summit New York, Nov, 2017
•   Keynote: Driving Digital: Key Practices to Power Emerging Technologies, Evanta CIO, CDO, CISO Summit Montreal, Nov, 2017
•   Speaker: Driving Digital: Enabling the Smarter, Faster Data Driven Organization, SINC USA
•   Speaker: Executive Spotlight: The Data Driven Organization: The Journey and Business Outcomes, nGage ET Exchange Summit
•   Speaker: Driving Digital: Key Practices to Lead a Smarter and Faster Transformation, KintoneConnect
•   Speaker: Digital Transformation in the Construction Industry, Woods Bagot Architects
•   What is a scrum master? The agile development leader defined, InfoWorld
•   How to improve your scrum master skills, InfoWorld, Nov 2017
•   5 ways to kill your digital transformation program,, Nov 2017
•   3 questions from employees on digital transformation and how to answer them,, Oct, 2017
•   Webinar Panelist, How Digital CIOs are Different, Forrester, Oct, 2017
•   How to Get Your Team To Execute (and Love) Agile Digital Transformation Practices, Transformation Talk, Sept 2017
•   Product management in digital transformation: What's different?,, Oct, 2017
•   Keynote and Panelist, Driving Digital: Enabling the Data Driven Organization, Synechron In Sync, Sept, 2017
•   Keynote and Panelist, The Sacrifices Executives and Employees Will Need To Make For True Digital Transformation, Sept, 2017
•   Dinner: Driving Digital in Construction Rhumbix, Sept, 2017
•   Panelist, How CIO's Leverage Technology to Drive Enterprise Learning, CLO Insight Summit, Sept, 2017
•   Speaker, Driving Digital: Enabling the Data Driven Organization, CIO Summit, NY, Sept, 2017
•   Moderator, Moderator: Facilitating Technology-Enabled Business Transformation, CIO Summit NY, Sept, 2017
•   Podcast, How to Get Your Team To Execute (and Love) Agile Digital Transformation Practices, Kintone
•   Podcast, Isaac Sacolick on Driving Digital, AMA Edgewise
•   4 keys to aligning executives on digital strategy and priorities,
•   Developing product management disciplines that drive digital transformation,
•   3 Behaviors That Spark Innovation and Drive Digital Transformation, AMA Playbook
•   Speaker, My Most Challenging Tech Presentation Was to Middle School Teenagers, Career day at Robert A. Van Wyck Middle School 217 in Jamaica, New York
•   Are you transforming fast enough? Lessons from Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods,
•   Speaker, Driving Digital: Enabling the Smarter, Faster, Data Driven Organization, June, 2017 SINC East
•   Moderator, Digital Transformation and its Impacts on IT, June, 2017 SINC East
•   Webinar panelist, New Directions in Defining Technology and Business Value, June, 2017 CIO Executive Council
•   Webinar panelist, CIO Panel Discussion - Lessons Learned and Advice for the Future, June, 2017, Sponsored by Zylo
•   Three Questions to Ask Before Signing a Cloud Managed Service Provider, iTMethods Blog
•   Leveraging low code and citizen development platforms to accelerate digital transformation,
•   Speaker, Driving the Data Driven Organization, May, 2016 nGage ET6
•   Many businesses are just beginning their digital transformation journeys,
•   Key Areas to Automate Your Cloud With DevOps, iTMethods Blog
•   Driving digital transformation: Strategies from a CIO-turned-digital guru, Interviewed by Mekhala Roy, TechTarget, March 2017
•    CIOs take on digital transformation programs in diverse areas,
•    Speaker: Driving Digital: The CIO Playbook, April, 2017 Landmark Ventures CIO Forum
•    Speaker: Expectations the CIO hasn't shared with you, Gartner IT Leaders Forum, March 2017
•    Panelist: Governing Agile Projects, Gartner IT Leaders Forum, March 2017
•    Speaker: Driving Digital: Enabling the Smarter, Faster, Data Driven Organization, SINC Tola and Sinc West, March 2017
•    How to partner with the chief digital officer to drive digital transformation,
•    5 goals your 2017 digital transformation program needs,
•    Can AI Learn to Code, CIO Straight Talk
•    CIO Wrapsheet: Driving digital transformation,
•    Speaker: Driving Digital: Key Practices CIO Should Lead to Enable Transformation, Think Tank Speaker at CIO New York Summit
•    6 Ways to Address the Technical Skill Gap, Straight Talk


•    How CIOs can kickstart digital transformation programs,
•    Citizen Data Scientist Programs Can Help Close Your IT Talent Gap, Heller Report
•    How to drive digital customer experiences with your CMS and CRM,
•    Driving an Agile and DevOps Culture that Delivers Business Transformation, All Day DevOps. Nov, 2016
•     Agile Approaches: Best Practices for Digital Transformation in Banks, Greenwich Associates July 2016
•    Workshop: Key Practices to Accelerate Digital Transformation, Presented at Gartner CIO Leadership Forum February, 2016
•    How One IT Shop Applies Low-Code Development Practices, Interviewed by Curtis Franklin Jr., Information Week
•    Isaac Sacolick and the Digital Mindset, Sync Magazine
•    Financial Firm Aligns Analytics with Customers, Interviewed by Peter High, CIO Insight
•    Panel: Future of Software, Northeast Javascript Conference during Stamford Tech Week, Sept, 2016
•    AI Success Requires Agile Experimentation, CIO Straight Talk
•    The Building Blocks of a CIO, Intel Verified Experts
•    The CIO Leads Digital Transformation, Interviewed by Steve Rovniak on Your CIO Career
•    Empowering Financial Services Space with Technology, CIO Review, CIO Solutions




•    Social, Agile, and Transformation – Professional Blog
•   Create, Connect, Share Sync Magazine
•    Key Practices To Accelerate Digital Transformation, Speaker at The CIO Forum, Nov 5, 2015
•    Opinion: 100 Top CIO/CTO in STEM, STEMConnector
•    An Agile Approach to Finding Value in Dark Data, CIO Straight Talk
•    Panelist, CIO Panel, App Strategies for IT Leaders
•    Navigating Dark Data to Find Hidden Value in a Digital Era, Cisco Future of IT Podcast
•    Panelist, Drive to Digital Customer Experience Leadership Forum, April 9, 2015 




•    Panelist, Crossing the Intersection Where Cloud and Mobility Meet - Argyle Executive CIO Leadership Forum December 10
•    Panelist, What Works and What Doesn’t in Mobile? M|Enterprise Boston, October 16
•    Solving the Data Scientist Shortfall by Deploying a Self Service BI Program, DZone October 1
•    Panelist, Enterprise Content Management and Collaboration, Landmark CIO Summit April 9
•    Speaker, Big, Unstructured Data Management & Visualization Meets the Construction Industry, SiiA Information Industry Summit, January 29 2014
•    Construction Industry Continues to Underspend in Technology, Engineering News Record, March 5, 2014
•    Panelist, Take Control: Enterprise Content Management and Collaboration, Landmark CIO Summit 2014
•    Speaker, Vision to Reality: Roadmap to Transformational Products Developed on NoSQL, MarkLogic World New York, June 6, 2014 
•   Construction Industry Continues to Underspend in Technology, CIO Review Magazine, Page 34    



•     Panelist, "Case Studies in Big Data: What was promised, What was Delivered, Price, Performance, and Revenue Impact", CIO Global Forum, October 16-17 2013
•    Why Self-Service Business Intelligence Matters, CruxialCIO, October 7, 2013
•     Panelist, "Impactful Collaboration via Social Networks", TCS Summit NA, September 15-16, 2013
•    Keynote Speaker, "The 5 Platform Pillars for Publishers", SIIA Platform Publishing Technology Showcase, June 20, 2013
•    Moderator, “Insource, Outsource, Crowdsource, Open Source: Acquiring Talent and Resources in the Enterprise”, CIO Global Forum, April 24-5, 2013
•    Think Tank Speaker: Self Service BI and Analytics, CIO Summit NY, April 4, 2013
•    The Construction Industry Wakes Up to Innovation, Engineering News Record, March 5, 2013
•    Panelist, "Unlocking New Value from Content", NFAIS 2013 Annual Program, February 2013




•    Panelist, “Making Information Pay off with Dynamic Targeted Delivery” MarkLogic Summit Series, November 2012
•    Panelist, “Advertising, Media, and Content in the Age of Instant Gratification”, CIO Global Forum, November, 2012
•    Moderator, “Innovators and Disruptors v2.0”, CIO Global Forum, November, 2012
•    Moderator, “CIO Roundtable”, ENR FutureTech, April 2011, December 2011, and July 2012
•    “The Journey: Moving Data Products to Intelligence”, MarkLogic World, May, 2012
•    Moderator, “Innovators and Disruptors”, CIO Global Forum, April, 2012




•    Construction CIOs on BIM, BYOD and Emerging Technologies, Engineering News Record, December 27, 2011
•    Enterprise 2.0 Technologies in Construction, Engineering News Record, November 2, 2011
•    Panelist, “The Power, Impacts, and Politics of Master Data Management”, CIO Global Forum, October 2010
•    Tablets, Laptops and Virtual Desktops: Trends for CIOs to Watch, Engineering News Record, September 21, 2011
•    Three Technologies Where Construction CIOs Need Strategies, Engineering News Record, August 12, 2011
•    Panelist, “Using Social Media to Engage the "Customer of One"”, CIO Global Forum April 2011
•    Top 10 guidance tips for new CIOs and IT Leaders, TechRepublic, June 28, 2010
•    “A CIO’s Best Practices for Content Database Migrations”, Mark Logic User Conference, May 


2010 and Earlier


•    Moderator “CIO Discussion:  Social Networking, Twitter, Facebook, Social Media”, CIO Global Forum, April 2010
•    Panelist, “Opportunities for IT to Lead & Drive Innovation in the Business”, CIO Global Forum, September 2009
•    “Content, Community, and Agile Transformations at BusinessWeek”, Presented at Mark Logic User Conference, May 2009
•    “Achieving Content Agility in a Web 2.0 Environment”, Presented at Mark Logic Digital Summit, November 2008
•    Panelist, "Waterfall to Agile: What Does it Take?”, SIIA Global Information Industry Summit, September 2008
•    “Automating Web Reports with Analog”, SysAdmin Magazine, May, 2003.
•    “Modeling and Reconstructing Motion-Corrupted MR Images with Applications to a Beating Heart”, Sacolick I., and Smith W.E.,  Medical Imaging 1995: Image Processing, SPIE Proceedings Volume 2424



•    2013 IT Leadership, Tec hnological Advancement, SearchCIO-MidMarket, August, 2013
•    Socially-Savvy CIOs: Top 30 in the United States, Aternity, June 2013
•    SIIA Codie Finalist for Best Business Information Solution, January 2013
•    MarkLogic Excellence Award, May 2012
•    MarkLogic Innovation Award, May 2009
•    McGraw-Hill Corporate Achievement Award, 2009

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