The Role of the CIO in Digital Transformation - Live blogging #CIOChat

My notes from Stephanie Woerner of MIT CISR at today's #CIOChatLive forum at Boston College talking about what is digital transformation, paths to get there, and the role of the CIO. It was a great talk with many examples and worth reviewing the actual research.
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Scaling agile? Five important considerations to get it right

Agile is not a cookie cutter framework or set of practices.

I’ve been a part of large number of agile organizations some as CTO, some as CIO, and now as President of StarCIO. Although I’ve reapplied similar agile practices across multiple organizations and teams, none were implemented the exact same way.

Agile can’t be baked into a one size fits most framework. It’s one reason StarCIO brands them as Driving Digital Practices - because they are building blocks that are selected, roadmapped, and adopted to an organization’s culture, goals, and legacies.
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10 Steps to Develop Applications with Embedded Analytics

Designing and developing data-driven applications has to go through a modified agile planning, discovery, and user experience design compared to traditional applications. Why? Because the data is an input to the design and development process!

In other words, designers of the user experience cannot  do their work in a bubble. They have to review the underlying data, work with customers to understand what insights are important and how they put insights to action, and then consider how to best design the user experience.

Unfortunately, I've seen agile product owners and designers make the mistake of designing a pixel-perfect user experience of a data/analytics driven application without considering the underlying data!
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Understanding AI - 3 Must Read AI Books for CIO and IT Leaders

Last year  I keynoted several talks on AI in the Enterprise: Finding Quick Wins and Avoiding Speed Bumps‍‍‍. This talk is on the practical side of getting started with machine learning. Among my recommendation, I suggest IT leaders invest in data quality and other data governance efforts, perform POCs with some of the more mature AI areas, and find partners that can educate and validate approaches for the strategically important AI opportunities. My post, critical questions to help define winning AI experiments is a good summary.

At the end of one presentation, one leader asked me for a list of recommended reading on AI. It inspired me to read and listen to some of the more recent books on AI and narrow down a few that anyone can read, and IT leaders really should read.
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Celebrating 400 Practical Articles on Driving Digital Transformation

Today I celebrate my 400th post on Social, Agile, and Transformation. It’s been an incredible journey starting from my days of being a hands-on CTO at a social media travel startup, through three careers of being a transformational CIO in data businesses, and now as President of StarCIO, author of the Amazon best seller Driving Digital, speaker, and contributing editor at CIO and InfoWorld.

Several people have asked me, “Why do it?” Others ask, “When do you have time to write?”
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Join Top Social CIO at the First #CIOChatLive!

If you're a CIO, CISO, or CTO and want to connect with the brightest, most socially vocal group of CIOs then please join us for the first ever  #CIOChatLive in Boston on March 14-15th!

If you are not familiar with #CIOChat, it's a twice per week gathering on Twitter that you can follow with this hashtag. On Thursday at 2pm ET, moderator Myles Suer sends out 4-5 questions around a topic while the Saturday, 10:30am chat is around a single theme.

It's a rotating group of experts weighing in on a wide range of topics
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Critical questions to help define winning AI experiments

Remember the days when big data was the super buzzword and IT invested a ton of money and effort building up Hadoop clusters? Many of them learned the hard way that if you build it, the business may not come. In addition, when you have the infrastructure, you might not have the talent, cleansed data, or practices to demonstrate results.

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