First 100 Days as CIO

I started a new position this week as VP Technology / CIO of McGraw-Hill Construction and have started to work on a 100 day plan. Poking around a little bit, I've found a number of good references on this subject:
  • Forrester's new CIO 100 Day Plan - Advises building a personal checklist. Has a good starting list of major learning and action tasks. Recommends "let your business peers know you are listening" and "establish your management style early".
  • What to Do in the First 100 Days of Your New Job - From CIO magazine. A good, simple list of questions to ask business leaders and staff as you meet them. Some great pieces of advice, such as "Remember some of your best decisions are made before you have all the facts because you instinctively know what needs to be done."
  • 5 Tips for Charting Your 100 Day Plan - Also from CIO magazine. Assess, determine expectations, build alliances, understand the culture, get an early win.
  • Advice for first time CIOs - Good for first time CIOs, but also a good refresher course for experienced CIOs looking to structure their first 100 days.
  • 3 CIO Lessons from Obama’s First 100 Days - A good read. Kill a sacred cow. Be a problem solver.
My personal experiment; I've decided to Tweet my first 100 days. I plan to post a single tweet per day covering the highlights of each day. Obviously, I can't say very much in 140 characters, so call it an experiment. Here's a twitter search that you can use to follow these specific tweets, or you can just follow @nyike.


  1. Isaac, best of luck! I'm happy for you, but I'm also happy for McGraw-Hill Construction! They're very lucky to have you. Hopefully you won't have any sacred cows to kill... :)

  2. Hal - Thanks for the well wishes! There are always sacred cows, the question is always how big and sacred is it and to what extent is it slowing you down!

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