A CIO New Year's Resolutions

I'm certain many CIOs will relate to some of these resolutions... I'm also certain that this is an incomplete list. I'm not trying to cover a full CIO agenda or responsibilities, but am pointing out some areas that at least I will try to aspire to in 2011.

Not in any particular order.... 

1) Blog and Tweet more - to better contribute to your company, customers, colleagues, staff, and community

2) Demonstrate top line revenue growth - in collaboration with Business partners, but with direct contributions from technology staff members and by leveraging specific technologies

3) Mature "Agile Collaboration" - with business owners working with technologists sprint by sprint to define priorities, confirm requirements, solution, and manage to deployment.

4) Meet customers - to better anticipate longer term needs and opportunities and help sell our existing capabilities

5) Invest in "Smart" infrastructure - By leveraging cloud and SaaS, but also by consolidating platforms and making improvements in scalability, performance, security, and disaster recovery

6) Promote and leverage Enterprise 2.0 tools - to harness the inherit intelligence in the enterprise, to make smarter and more open decisions, to inspire innovation, and to have a better knowledge base

7) Promote BI tool usage - Kill the spreadsheet by establishing operational databases, deploying BI tools widely, training and nurturing usage, and begin a MDM program

8) Hire great people - Do I need to explain this one?

9) Insure a healthy work life balance - because this is important, and hard, so worth calling out

10) More mobile - because the mobile experience is different, greater, and more intimite than a web or digital experience

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