Visualization, Big Data, and Agile Top Posts of 2013

Thanks to everyone for making Social, Agile, and Transformation a part of your reading, tweeting, sharing, and commenting in 2013. Some of the top posts and themes of 2013 -
  1. Please Stop Creating Access Databases was the most read post and had several people commenting on their success and struggles using this database especially in the enterprise. I confess that I wrote the post out of frustration having seen too many of these databases "go production" with little business motivation or funding to make changes while IT individuals struggled to support them. Rest assured, I will have a follow up post in 2014.

  2. Data visualizations took the next two spots with Data Visualization Examples and Five Types of Data Visualizations. Visualizations were a big story in 2013, partially because it is the single most business digestible output from data scientists, partially because of growing enthusiasm for self service BI capabilities, and partially because of the success of companies like Tableau, QlikView, and GoodData. I predict the buzz around these technologies and capabilities will continue into 2014.

  3.  I started covering a new topic with 20 Ways the Internet of Things will Be Big and Important. It's a competitive discipline - innovation and cost to get the right sensor data, logistics to collect it, complexity to process the analytics, and intelligence to apply it securely to improve lives. We're in early stages of wearable computing and everything from the industrial internet to smarter cities should make significant impacts over the next decade.

  4. Several of my Big Data posts were popular including What Data Scientists Can Learn From A Fourth Grade Teacher - a sequel to what they can Learn From MoneyBall. I provided a Business Definition of Dark Data, discussed thoughts on transforming to a big data organization, and presented my Top 10 Principles of Self-Service Business Intelligence.

  5. My top Agile posts included Five Key Agile Practices to Support Architects, Five Ways to Improve Agile Team Velocity, and How To Conduct an Agile Story Sizing Meeting. I will continue to provide insights into agile planning and enterprise agile delivery practices into 2014.
I am very thankful to some of the recognition received in 2013 - a Technological Advancement award from SearchCIO, a cover article on PWC Technology Forecast on Why Apps are Adjusting to the User and being named a Social-Savvy CIO. I was also named on the PeerIndex BigData100 and AnalyticsWeek Top 200 BigData and Analytics Though Leaders,

So a great 2013. Thanks again! Stay tuned for more in 2014. Happy Holidays!

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