Winning Transformation by Mastering this Simple Digital Lens

"Digital Transformation is about looking at the business strategy through the lens of technical capabilities and how that changes how you are operating and generating revenues"- Isaac Sacolick

StarCIO Digital Transformation Lens

Enabling Digital Transformation

The diagram above is my digital lens. On the right side you'll see some of the new technologies that enable digital transformation while on the left side you'll see that the greatest impact is with people, collaboration and an organization's innovation capabilities to transform new digital customer experiences.

Organizations that master their digital capabilities are able to transform their business model and participate in a digital ecosystem. As I described in What is Digital Business and Digital Transformation, example of business model innovation include Amazon Prime (subscription integrating physical and digital products) and Uber/AirBNB (zero asset models),

New models and new ways of doing things will open the doors to new competitive threats which is why existing businesses should ask these two questions before kicking off a digital transformation. Businesses also need to understand new regulations and security considerations as part of their digital lens.

The Focal Point of the Digital Lens

The entire Digital Lens is driven by a culture of "Smarter Faster" defined by the talent we cultivate, the practices we mature, the operations we automate, the intelligence we gather, the collaboration we enable, the values we communicate, and the cultural transformations we champion.  Aspects of "Smarter Faster" that I've already touched on include

and more to come...

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