"Vader, release him" - Do Your Executive Meetings Resemble This Classic Star Wars Scene?

Many problems illustrated in this one 2-minute scene

  • Meeting power moves - A key influencer (Vader and the General) arrive late and take over the meeting

  • Managing business units -  "The imperial center will no longer be of any concern to us" - We "quieted" the remote business units and the rank/file so that we can deploy our corporate mission without resistance.

Vader - Release Him
  • Managing Employees - "Fear will keep the local systems in line" - The ways of an "empire" versus empowered organizations.

  • On Intellectual Property - "If the rebels have obtained a complete plan of this battle station, they might find a weakness" - In today's digital world, best to assume that your competition has a pretty good idea of how to reverse engineer your product/service or exploit its weaknesses.

  • Disruptive Competition - "This station is the ultimate power in the universe" - False belief that your business, product, or service cannot be disrupted.

  • Legacy vs. Digital - "The technological terror you constructed is insignificant next to the power of the force" - Enterprises combating legacy methodologies versus new technologies.

  • On ROI - "I find your lack of faith disturbing" - My investment has a longer term ROI.

  • Executive Relationships - "Vader, release him" - So when your colleague throws you under the bus, will there be someone there to aid you?

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