What do CIO Influencers Tweet About?

I love a good data science challenge!

An image from Leadtail floated around identifying "Who Influences CIOs?"

Who Influences CIO

This was followed by a question posed by David Bray, @fcc_cio

Request for Tweet Cloud

I love a good big data question, so I decided to roll up my data science sleeves and see if I could develop this tag cloud. I wanted to do this without coding and use as many tools the average data scientist could leverage to perform this analysis.

I learned a lot, and was able to develop a lot more analytics than just a tag cloud. If you're interested in seeing my dashboards or learn about the methodology, please sign up for my newsletter!

So, here is an aggregate of what all of us are tweeting about. This is looking at everyone's last 1000 tweets, a total of 20K, over varying time frames ending last week. The more an influencer tweets, the shorter the time window.

What CIO Influencers Tweet About

You can see that I grouped hashtags into several categories so that you can get some insights. No surprise that the top hashtag is #CIO followed by the #CIOChat that @MyleSuer hosts on Thursdays and Saturdays. After that, you can see that we tweet a lot about transformation, (#DigitalTransformation, #Collaboration, #Innovation), different technologies (#blockchain, #ai, #bigdata, #cloud), industries, and events.

David - here's what your cloud looks like

Tweets from fcc_cio

And here is mine (@nyike)

Tweets from NYIke

What else can you see in Twitter data? 

There are other insights I was able to pull from the same data

  • Trends on hash tags and influencers
  • What hashtags and influencers had the highest activity (favorites and retweets)
  • What are some "emerging" topics that influencers are tweeting about

Happy to share more insights through the newsletter.

Updated: The full dashboard is now online here.

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