500+ Conferences for Technology, Digital, and Data Leaders

I've been slowly growing the number of events in my dashboard. I started with about 200 and now the list has grown to over 500 conferences for technologists.

Insights on Conferences for CIO, CTO, and CDO

  • Top technology topics are Big Data (42 conferences) IoT (19) and Artificial Intelligence (14)

  • 50%+ of the conferences are directly target CIO and CISO.

  • 30%+ of the conferences are in the top three locations - New York (65), San Francisco (59), and Chicago (41).

  • 50%+ of the conferences occur between March and June. Top months are June (98), May(73), March (69) and April (54).

  • About 10% of the conferences are industry specific with Finance and Healthcare the top two industries

Click here to use the dashboard to find conferences that interest you.

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