Driving Digital Smarter and Faster - Because Everybody is a Technology Company

Driving Digital
I hope you will listen to my recently recorded podcast at AMA Edgewise on my book, Driving Digital: The Leader's Guide to Business Transformation Through Technology.

Link is below and here are some of my favorite quotes -
  • New entrants (startups) + consumer choice + availability of technology + falling price point => is driving digital transformation

  • CIOs "get it" - but many organizations (IT, Marketing, Sales, etc) are still learning digital practices.

  • Drop rank at the door. What will this company be 5-10 years from now without factoring in legacy and how you do things today?

  • You need to experiment. I don't call it fail fast. I call it learn quickly and adapt.

  • Understand your culture and capability. Are you an early mover, or are you better by learning from examples and finding niche opportunities to grow from?

  • Is there really something different between digital transformation and previous decades of transformation? What's really different is the aggregate of capabilities and that customers will switch brands and products easily.

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