Driving Digital is now an Amazon Best Seller

Two years ago I was just coming out of my last CIO role and started my new role as a consultant. One year ago my book Driving Digital: The Leader's Guide to Business Transformation Through Technology published and I officially launched my business StarCIO.

And today, I'm excited to announce that Driving Digital is an Amazon Best Seller in three categories; Information Management, MIS, and PMP Exams thanks to my supporters in Canada.

Driving Digital by Isaac Sacolick

Needless to say, I'm super excited! A big thanks to all my supporters especially over the last couple of years.

Driving Digital Beyond the Book

If you don't already know what I am up to these days:

Driving Digital by Isaac Sacolick
  • StarCIO helps companies of all sizes implement their digital transformation programs. I'm working with an amazing charity, Charity Navigator that helps donors find charities you can trust. I'm also working with a large manufacturer, a professional association, and a major university on their transformation programs. StarCIO provides consulting, advisory, and workshops on the digital practices that drive transformation including digital strategy, product management, agile, devops, data management and data science, empowering the workforce with low code and no code capabilities, advancing the project management office. 
  • StarCIO also works with several software companies on their marketing programs. I'm writing articles, conducting research, keynoting, and hosting dinners for companies that want to develop relationships with members of the C-Suite that are driving transformation initiatives.
  • I'm a contributing editor of InfoWorld and CIO Online writing about digital transformation, devops, agile practices, and artificial intelligence. I also speak at a number of conferences every year including those sponsored by Sinc, nGage, Evanta, and Spark.
  • I'm almost at my 400th post here at Social, Agile, and Transformation and the Driving Digital Newsletter is a unique offering for those looking for more insights.
  • You can find me almost every Thursday at the 12pm ET #IDGTechTalk and the 2pm ET #CIOChat on Twitter.

Thanks for letting me celebrate this week! As I tell everyone in my programs, celebrating wins and having fun is a key part to every transformation program. Transformation is a long journey.

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