15 Reasons Why StarCIO Agile Planning Drives Results!

I have been introducing different aspects of StarCIO Agile Planning. Last week I shared how continuous planning is used to deliver solid roadmaps. Prior to that, I posted on how StarCIO Agile Planning drives architecture standards and developing great products!

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Agile planning, agile continuous planning

StarCIO has been working with organizations over the last several years on Agile Planning. From small non-profit charities to growing fintech SaaS companies, the progress, feedback, and results are significant!

How StarCIO Agile Planning Helps Organizations Drive Results

The best way to understand StarCIO Agile Planning is to review its results!

Agile Teams Aligning on DevOps and Delivering Releases

  • StarCIO agile planning practices enables teams to have rich backlogs of user stories six sprints or longer. 
  • It gives tremendous visibility into the dependencies between teams and how to sequence, collaborate, or realign stories to minimize blocks.
  • It aligns with DevOps by defining different types of application releases and monitoring guidelines.

Agile planning, agile continuous planning, white paper
Product Managers and Owners Developing Products and Roadmaps

  • It enables better decisions by product owners, responsible for making data-driven decisions on what should be the MVP.
  • It helps product owners create roadmaps backed by agile team estimates and forecasts.
  • It drives better collaboration with stakeholders on vision, priorities, and release milestones.

Technology Architects Reducing Tech Debt and Driving Platform and Data Standards

  • StarCIO agile planning formalizes the role of architects in agile, giving them the responsibility to prioritize and oversee implementation of the most critical technical debt.
  • It enables architects to better define standards and where teams can self-organize on innovation and solutions.
  • User story estimates provide visibility on where teams find complexity and unknowns. Architects can then collaborate and find more simplified approaches.

Leaders Driving Agile Cultures and Mindsets

  • It's a toolbox of practices rather than a rigid framework that can be adopted more quickly by organizations of all sizes.
  • The process helps organizations define their agile principles and operating model so that participants understand where and how to self-organize. 
  • It significantly reduces time in meetings and complicated reporting efforts by putting more rigor into how teams use tools for collaborating, knowledge sharing, and capturing KPIs
  • StarCIO Agile Planning helps organizations define agile roles and responsibilities so that people understand what they are responsible for and accountable to do. 
  • The process is highly adaptable to organizations using freelancers, service providers, and partners as part of the product and delivery organizations.
  • The collaboration is a platform for digital transformation and enables non-technologists to better participate in planning and delivery activities.
Even if you already have a planning process in place, your organization and team can benefit from StarCIO Agile Planning!

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