What Digital Transformation Means Viewing Through a COVID-19 Lens

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It's an interesting time to be thinking about transformation. Some will argue that we have to slow digital transformation efforts because COVID-19 business issues will have higher priority. Others will suggest that COVID-19 will drive a new wave of transformation requiring organizations to better support remote work and digital workflows. Still, others will recognize revenue loss, job loss, and other financial impacts requiring a rethinking of investment priorities.

Yes, yes, and yes. I believe organizations will need to rethink their transformation strategy and priorities. As I said in my recent white paper on reorganizing to a post-COVID-19 world, organizations need to consider a new defensive and offensive strategy.

So in this week's 5 Minutes with @NYIke, I go back to the basics on What is Transformation. Here's a hint, it means the same thing but different. Watch the video and then read more below.

The need for transformation doesn't change as businesses must consider products, services, experiences, workflows, competitive data capabilities, and other differentiators. But what was important three months ago is no longer valid. What's critical over the next six to eighteen months needs to be determined. As I suggest in my book, Driving Digital, organizations must put a digital lens on their transformation. Now today, we must add a COVID-19 lens.

But the underlying organizational capabilities remain the same.

  • Market/customer focus and driving innovation
  • Agility and the ability to adjust priorities based on feedback
  • Becoming even more data-driven and driving faster decision making
  • Improving the employee experience and automating the easy
  • Pursuing efficiencies, quality, security, and safety
  • Shifting off legacy technologies and reducing technical debt
  • Establishing a learning organization ready to  handle new opportunities and challenges

StarCIO is here to help organizational leaders through transformation and digital ways of working. If you want to chat about this, please reach out to me! 

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