3 Digital Transformation Strategies in SMB

Digital transformation requires leaders to reconsider their business models in the face of market disruptions, changing customer needs, new technology capabilities, greater security threats, and new opportunities to empower a digital workforce.

SMB and Digital Transformation by Isaac Sacolick

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella suggests, "Every company is a software company, every company is a digital organization." I agree with Sayta that every business must become a digital organization but disagree that every company is a software company.

Yes, all companies run on software and had been that way for a while now. But that doesn't mean that all companies should invest in developing software, and that's how some have interpreted these directives.

This is certainly the case for small, and mediums sized businesses executing digital transformation programs.

Why SMB's Require Alternate Digital Transformation Strategies

As I say in this week's episode of 5 Minutes with @NYIke, SMB's have the same business challenges in evolving their business models. All need to grow, invest in customer experiences, become more data-driven, target efficiencies, improve their security posture, and address compliance requirements.

All have to be smarter, faster, safer, and innovative organizations.

Now large enterprises should do this by building both digital and technical capabilities. They will mature software development practices, invest in DevOps capabilities, and grow teams of Ph.D. data scientists.

But most SMBs don't have the leadership, technical skills, or investment dollars to follow an identical game plan.

Watch the episode for more details on my three strategies. Then continue reading below.

Three Digital Transformation Strategies in SMBs

In the episode, I suggest three strategies and tactics:

  • Use low-code technologies instead of custom software development
  • Train citizen data scientists instead of hiring PhDs
  • Partner with more experts and MSPs to close talent and operational gaps

Having been a CIO in medium-sized businesses, I can tell you why, how, and where these strategies work for SMBs. You can take analogies from any professional sports. If you have a young, underfunded team and you're playing the Super Bowl champs, you have to play to win the game, but must come at them with different strategies and game tactics.

If you'd like to discuss further, please reach out to me!

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