3 Emerging Ways IT Benefits from AIOps

AIOps may be the most important emerging capability for IT Operations teams. For the first time, IT has scalable tools to manage complex infrastructure, applications, databases, and devices.

What's driving the business need for AIOps? It's the many factors driving organizations to invest in technologies, including digital transformation, customer/employee experiences, remote/hybrid working, and data/analytics/ML/AI capabilities.

Emerging AIOps - Isaac Sacolick

What's driving IT complexities? It includes keeping up with the pace of technological changes, enabling robots hybrid clouds and multicloud, supporting multicloud architectures, enabling frequent application deployments, scaling infrastructure on-demand, security factors, increased regulations, exponentially increasing data volumes ...

Should I go on? I think you get it!

How IT Should Not Respond to Digital Demands and Complexities

Here are some things that won't work for most IT leaders

  • Box in the company to "what you know and has worked" 
  • Request sizable budget increases to staff up IT Ops
  • Deliver poor service and blaming factors outside of IT
  • Fail to define IT governance and service level objects
  • Avoid self-service capabilities to maintain controls

Should I go on? I think you get it!

So if the old tricks won't work, then what's IT's strategy to keep up with business needs and managing IT complexities?

AIOps Benefits: Clean data + Hyperautomation + Machine Learning

My answer is AIOps. No, this is not an "AI fixes everything" post. AIOps brings three capabilities together - usually under one platform - to help IT manage complexities?

  • IT Ops data centralization, cleansing, and enrichment
  • Low-code Hyperautomation of tasks +  orchestration      
  • Machine learning on IT data to augment decision making

That's one part dataops, one part AIOps, and one part hyperautomation

What is AIOps?

If you want to review three AIOps examples, then check out my latest 5 Minutes with @NYIke video on What is AIOps - and - How Does it Support, Agile, DevOps, and ITSM

Further reading on AIOps and Hyperautomation 

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