How Agile Planning can Boost Digital Business Transformation

"We're practicing scrum, scaling agile, but not seeing the benefits we were expecting," is a comment I hear all too often. The simple answer is, following scrum ceremonies and focusing on scaling rituals isn't going to achieve agile mindsets, culture, and transformation.

StarCIO Agile by Isaac Sacolick

In my latest 5 Minutes with @NYIke video, I share how agile can be a force multiplier - or in other words, a path to accelerate digital transformation. Here are four takeaways:

  • Multidisciplinary teams must include business, technologists, and data specialists
  • Agile practices must focus on planning 1.5X more than delivery
  • Self-organizing teams must be involved in creating standards
  • Roadmaps are feasible in agile, but it requires teams to plan, estimate, and prioritize using feedback

You can learn more from my other agile and DevOps videos and the StarCIO Agile Guides.

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