What is Your Survival Plan for Managing Technical Debt?

"Let me tell you about one colossal coding mess that I created. It was an Italian restaurant filled with bowls of spaghetti code held together with duct tape and Band-Aids."

In my new book, Digital Trailblazer, I tell several of my stories of creating and trying to address technical debt. The theme of the chapter is that technical debt is now YOUR problem, and it has a simple meaning. 

As you move up into management and leadership roles, you now have the responsibility of minimizing the creation of new tech debt, finding the most impactful areas of tech debt to address, and prioritizing the work to reduce tech debt.

Help Me! - Technical Debt by Isaac Sacolick

Yes, as a tech, data, or product management leader, reducing tech debt is your problem and part of your responsibilities. Technical debt creates risks to your business and slows down the DevOps, data, product management, and other teams from releasing capability improvements.

Worse, it's a point of stress for teams - and productivity loss when agile teammates can only gripe about the tech debt issues but don't have the authority to prioritize addressing them.

So in this week's Driving Digital Standup, I leave you three strategies for managing technical debt. Three of the strategies fall into a technical plan, and three others I categorize as part of a business plan. You can watch the video below - it's my fiftieth on the channel and I hope you will subscribe to it.

Ten posts on Technical Debt

I referenced ten of my previous posts on technical debt in the video. Here they are:

What should go into your business and technical plan for managing technical debt? Ask me, and I'll provide you some guidelines.

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