A Huge Thanks to My Fantastic 2022 Supporters and Digital Trailblazers

Before I say goodbye to 2022, I want to thank the people and companies that contributed to my successful year.

In 2022, I published over 130 articles, and my top subjects were about data science data governance, dataops (29 posts), digital transformation (25), agile ways of working (19), and DevOps (15). Most of my writing appears on this blog (54 posts), InfoWorld (41), and the rest on eight other websites. The best way to keep up with my writing is by subscribing to my monthly Digital Trailblazer Newsletter.

I also spoke at 60 in-person and virtual events, with the most popular keynote on how Digital Trailblazers are the secret to successful digital transformation. My speaker page has a list of upcoming events. I also published 23 short videos on the Driving Digital Standup

I want to thank the many people and companies that published, sponsored, and contributed to my work in 2022. 

Isaac Sacolick Publishes Articles and Keynotes  in 2022

The list, in no particular order, includes CIO.com, BigPanda, Wiley, Coveo, SINC, Redis, nGage Events, InfoWold, Microsoft, Treasure Data, #CIOTechTalk, Lenovo, Foundy, UCI, The Enterprisers Project, Leadtail, Edgevana, Resolve Systems, Mission.org, Creatio, PrivOps, Cloudbusting, CIO Association of Canada, DisrupTV, #TimTalk, Eaton, Find Flow, GDS, Boomi, TechTarget, Something Extra, I am a Verb, C-Vision International, Reworked, Heller Search Associates, CIO.inc, Binghamton University, TopRank Marketing, Isos Technology, On Cloud, CIO Professional Network, SIM Fairfield/Westchester, #CIOChat, Higher Gear CIO, Siemens Mendix, the AJCU, and CDP.com.

I also want to thank a long list of people that contributed, supported, and endorsed my new book, Digital Trailblazer

Digital Trailblazer by Isaac Sacolick

The list, in no particular order, includes Ginny Holden, Sheck Cho, Jay Cohen,  Linda Brennan, Brian Hollander, Nancy Regan, Deb Gildersleeve, Roger Neal, David Morgen, Sandy McCarron, Carter Hostelley, R “Ray Wang, Eric Knorr, Michael Krigsman, Dan Roberts, Ross Abbott, Myles Suer, Anthony Juliano, Philippe Johnston, Kirk Borne, Larry Lieberman, Shelly Kramer, Kathleen Sexton, Jay Ferro, Adriana Karaboutis, Angelic Gibson, Jason JJ James, Jason Burns, Martin Davis, Jonathan Feldman, Helen Knight, Jo Peterson, and Robin Yemen.

Thanks for an amazing 2022 and more to come in 2023!

Happy Holidays from Isaac Sacolick and StarCIO

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