Top 2014 Posts - On IoT, Big Data, CIO / CMO Relationships and Agile Data Orgs

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Here are my top posts of 2014 based on page views. My top posts on the Internet of Things, Big Data, Self Service BI, and CIO/CRM relationships made the list. You can also dive into some of my other posts on 2014 Big Data Posts - Self Service BI, Agile Data Management Practices, and Killing Data Landfills and 2014 - The Year the CIO and CMO Partnership Became Mission Critical.

The List

  1. How Artificial Intelligence Will Solve IoT's Big Data Challenges - How AI and machine learning will apply to IoT's big data challenges

  2. The Best Line of Code is the One You Didn't Have to Write! - on PaaS platforms that enable app development

  3. How to Clean Your Inbox and Drive Marketers Crazy - why Marketers need IT's help

  4. What is the Internet Of Things? The Magic Beyond Bracelets, Gadgets and Home Automation - identifies local, neighborhood and regional data processing that will bring IoT beyond a personal experience

  5. The Database Decision that Will Hurt Your Company's Big Data Opportunities - on applying the appropriate database technologies
I was surprised to see two IoT posts make the list, and none of my posts on Agile practices. So as a bonus, my top agile posts are What Agile Teams Can Learn From 1st Graders and Five Tips on How To Manage Disruptive Projects in an Agile Organization without going Crazy!

Some of my personal favorite posts

Also see my top posts of 2013 and 2012.

Happy New Year!

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