What a Digital Mindset Means Role by Role

Digital Mindset
We all hear and say that "Digital" requires a different mindset, a "Digital Mindset, but what exactly does that mean? If you think digital mindset is about having the latest gadget, or being the go-to person to configure your mobile device, or knowing the latest startup that is likely to disrupt an industry then you're missing the point. If you believe that digital natives have a leg up on having a digital mindset, then that might be the case when it comes to how they conduct their personal lives but not necessarily sufficient to be an active participant or role model when an organization requires a digital mindset.

Having a digital mindset implies a new set of values and principles for the organization but applied individually based on role and priority. It starts with how customers perceive the organization's brand and their expectations to how fast and smart their product and services are relative to other options. It's services by an organization that also needs to be smarter, faster, safer, relevant internally to be able to deliver competitive offerings. This often requires individuals to understand and leverage digital technologies in new ways, and to shed old habits that are slower, inefficient, insecure, or digitally isolated from standardized practices.

Do you have a Digital Mindset?

Here is a summary of what having a Digital Mindset means role by role

  • As a customer, I want relevant, contextual insights that are important and useful. I want the algorithm to know my preferences and take action on my behalf where I permission.  I want freedom of digital selection anbd expect product and service interoperability. I require organizations to secure my information and want transparency on how it is used and shared.
  • As a developer, I want to be able to experiment with new digital platforms, develop prototypes, and test pilots without having to demonstrate business value and ROI up front. I want to work in an agile, low stress organization that enables me to develop solutions that empower customers.
  • As an IT engineer, I want to make sure that key operations to administrate applications are automated and that applications are secure in environments that can quickly scale up and down based on business demand. 
  • As a business analyst, I want to leverage six-sigma processes to document existing business processes so that they can be digitally reinvented using agile practices.
  • As a sales person, I want to make sure that products are competitive and continue to receive investment aligned with customer needs. I want to make sure that the CRM has the most accurate relevant information on my interactions with prospects and customers.
  • As a data scientist, I hope we safely collect data from our products, internal processes, and enterprise systems, ask questions, and leverage data in decision making.
  • As a product manager, I want to develop digital-first products that delight customers, enable their success, and grow revenue. I want to continually measure customer feedback and invest in new capabilities and partnerships that align with market needs.
  • As a marketer, I want defined KPIs around brand, leads, and customer plus the ability to experiment with digital marketing tools to optimize how we reach and what we message to customers and prospects.
  • As a customer service representative, I require appropriate access to all the information on the customer I am speaking to so that I can provide the best advice to solve their issue or present the most likely opportunities that service their needs.
  • As a financial analyst, I want to make sure that my forecasts are available to appropriate business users in the form of dashboards and data visualizations so that they can review KPIs, ask questions, and drill into the underlying data.  
  • As a change agent, I want to align the organization to future values, enable people to shed yesterday's ideals and practices, and promote behaviors and activities aligned with the organization's digital strategy. 
  • As a human resources leader, I want to make sure that we leverage digital tools to enable the workforce and ensure that we recognize and reward employees that are actively enabling the organization's digital future.
  • As a manager, I want the organization to make quick decisions. I want support of my colleagues when we have to do things fast and find ways to collaborate on solutions.
  • As a leader, I want to participate in creating a digital vision then make sure that we can review and adjust priorities based on customer need, market conditions, and our ability to execute.
  • As a shareholder, I want to make sure the organization's leadership understands and has plans targeting digital opportunities and digital disruptors while ensuring they meet digital security, privacy, regulatory and other compliance requirements. 

But it's not enough for individuals to see their roles from a digital mindset. It takes a new collaborative, agile culture for individuals to work in teams aligned with vision an priorities.

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