Introducing! 5 Minutes with @NYIke

I'm trying something new and hope you'll enjoy my experiment with the 5 Minutes with @NYIke youtube video channel.

5 Minutes with @NYIKe
Each episode will be approximately five minutes and I'll be sharing best practices and insights on the areas that I cover including digital transformation, agile planning and practices, product management, devops, data science, big data, data governance, artificial intelligence, low code, organizational change, and other topics.

It's a quick video you can watch the first five minutes of your day when you're sitting at your desk drinking coffee.

I'll be sharing material from the StarCIO Workshops and Guides in some episodes. Others, I will be pulling on news and research.

The intro video has more details. Stay tuned for the first three episodes coming soon:

  • What is Agile Planning: Getting backlogs ready for delivery
  • The Full Scope of DevOps: Including quality assurance and testing practices
  • Three Insights into Citizen Data Science Programs

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Isaac Sacolick is President of StarCIO, a technology leadership company that guides organizations on building digital transformation core competencies. He is the author of Digital Trailblazer and the Amazon bestseller Driving Digital and speaks about agile planning, devops, data science, product management, and other digital transformation best practices. Sacolick is a recognized top social CIO, a digital transformation influencer, and has over 900 articles published at InfoWorld,, his blog Social, Agile, and Transformation, and other sites. You can find him sharing new insights @NYIke on Twitter, his Driving Digital Standup YouTube channel, or during the Coffee with Digital Trailblazers.