What is Agile Planning in 5 Minutes with @NYIke

5 Minutes w NYIke: What is Agile Planning
Why are some organizations stuck with fr-agile development processes?

Hint: It's not because you need to "scale" agile. Many organizations succeed in getting an A-team practicing agile and then look to "scale" their best practices to the rest of the organization. And several frameworks are focusing on this scaling.

But IMHO, the issue at many organizations is not about scaling agile. Focus too much on scaling, and teams fail to learn self-organizing practices or develop agile mindsets.

If you are practicing agile but slow to achieve an agile culture, perhaps you are pushing too hard on scaling agile, uniform practices, or narrowly defined metrics.

My answer to this - especially for an organization with between ten and five-hundred people practicing agile is not to focus on scaling the practice.

Focus on agile planning.

Agile Planning: From High-Value Backlogs to Roadmaps

In my first full episode of 5 Minutes with @NYIke, I explain what is agile planning. If you want to learn more, then my white paper on StarCIO Agile Planning: The Missing Practices to Gain Alignment and Achieve Great Results.


  1. Great points, Isaac. Way too many practitioners mistake Agile for a substitute for planning.

  2. Great point, Isaac. Too many agile practitioners believe that agile is a substitute for planning and lose many of the efficiencies it can provide. Tx!


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