Leading a Defensive to Offensive Transformation Strategy Post COVID-19

StarCIO Offense and Defense
There is something quite magical watching pro athletes in a one on one situation. A soccer player defending a striker from getting by or a basketball player holding ground so that the point guard doesn't drive to the basket.

These players are on their toes and ready to pounce left or right, depending on where they think the offensive player will drive. They want to avoid overcommitting in one direction and getting deeked the other way. They have to defend against a move, a shot, or a pass, so all their senses are hyper-focused. They have to watch the player, track the ball, and read the offensive player's intention.

It helps to know the context. What does the player in front of them like to do under these game circumstances? Where are they on the field or court, what's the score, and how much time is left?

StarCIO COVID-19 CIO White Paper
But in the back of their mind, this defender is thinking about how to turn this play around. How can he steal the ball and turn this situation into an offensive play?

When leaders get back into the office, whether it be two weeks from now, two months, or longer, leaders have must play a defensive to an offensive strategy.

Because we are living in a new world. After 9/11, after the 2008 financial crisis, or after a major natural disaster - did the world return to order right away? We all went through a series of short, medium, and longer-term shifts that required realigning strategies and priorities.

I'm sharing defensive and offensive insights in a new whitepaper, A Guide to Realigning to a Post COVID-29 World that I will send to subscribers to my free Driving Digital Newsletter.

I don't have most of the answers. That's why this short paper provides some simple questions to get you thinking and planning for this new world

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