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The fourth episode of 5 Minutes with @NYIke covers the role of product management. I take on the challenge of defining the role's strategic responsibilities and illustrating how product managers should best work with agile teams.

Please note that the video focuses on Product Managers chartered with developing customer-facing applications and products. There's a very different way to think about this role for internal applications, though many of the responsibilities are the same.

I also differentiate between product management and the agile role of being the product owner. I'll be covering this in a future episode of 5 Minutes with @NYIke.

Further Reading for Product Managers and Product Owners

As promised in the video, here are my top posts for product managers and owners.

  1. What is Agile Planning?
  2. Your Features are too Big! Defining Epics, Features, and Stories
  3. 6 Easy Ways to Drive MVPs
  4. 10 Critical Mistakes Products Owners Make When Developing MVPs
  5. How to Rapidly Plan Digital Products and bring Amazing MVPs to Market Smarter and Faster
  6. Aligning product owners and business stakeholders to a release management strategy
  7. 5 Key Lessons for New Agile Product Owners
  8. 10 Practices of Strong Agile Product Owners
  9. What is a Digital, "Big Idea?"
  10. Four Critical Product Management Responsibilities in Digital Transformation
  11. Agile Culture - Are You Developing Solutions or Solving for Business Opportunities?
  12. 20 Bad Behaviors of Agile Development Product Owners

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