5 Ways Scrum Leaders Drive Astoundingly Successful Collaboration

Product owners, tech leads, and scrum masters are three common roles you find on scrum teams. I've written about their key responsibilities such as product owners prioritizing backlogs, tech leads overseeing estimating, and scrum masters ensuring team collaboration and cohesion.

But how should these three leaders collaborate? How can they help agile teams successfully release quality products on schedule and delight customers, end-users, employees, and stakeholders? 

Agile Team Collaboration by Isaac Sacolick

I give a fast answer to this question in Episode 16 of 5 Minutes with @NYIke. Successful teams exhibit several behaviors that drive results. They do many of the following: 

  • Ask why and challenge assumptions
  • Become knowledgable on market expectations and customer customers 
  • Brainstorm diverse solutions but assign ownership
  • Balance priorities on innovation, technical debt, and operational needs
  • Follow best practices and seek to improve them

I cover the nuts and bolts in the video below. You may also want to check out my recent articles published on InfoWorld on How to mandate agility in software development, operations, and data science (hint - you can't) and 5 things CIOs want from app developers.

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