Video - Why I am Absolutely Passionate About Digital Transformation Management

We used to say "going digital" was about going from print to web, manual processes to more automation, or even from web interfaces to mobile to voice and now AR/VR. 

Employee experiences were "back office" and there are many organizations with Windows thick client tools that connect to mainframes. Or maybe you have dozens of SaaS tools that aren't integrated and are just starting to work with low-code and no-code technologies.

Why Digital Transformation Management is So Hard - Isaac Sacolick

In my latest 5 Minutes with @NYIke, I share why digital transformation management is so hard and explain it this way - it's like changing all the wheels on the bus at the same time while continuing to drive the existing business model. 

Watch the video - and then let me share part 2 - on why I am so passionate about digital transformation management. 

Why Passion for Digital Transformation Management

So the video answers why digital transformation management is so hard, and here's my reasons why I am so passionate about driving it. Join me for the ride?

  1. Transformation is entirely different from change management and requires the entire organization to be participating, contributing, and leading agile programs and experimentaton.
  2. There's opportunity for every business to become more data-driven with citizen data science programs that drive proactive data governance.
  3. While many organizations practice scrum in IT, learning and adopting agile continuous planning is a force multiplier to digital transformation
  4. Businesses that don't accelerate digital transformation will fall off the digital disruption cliff - and I believe many of these businesses are worth saving
  5. When you succeed at transformation today, it will set up the next step of transformation that will be needed down the road. Transformation is the opposite of stagnation and is a primary organizational competency. This year, I published my 500th blog post on this blog - and plenty more to come.

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